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Auction 114
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Dear Friends,

It is with great excitement that I open this 114th issue featuring some of the rarest items I have handled in over 35 years.

This auction catalog is the debut of three impressive collections that I am honored to have been entrusted with, that of Frank Kidd, and the late Craig Neros and Ken Liess. Craig was from Minnesota and spent his career working for the Burlington Northern. He and his wife Marty were involved in the RCAI as well as very active in the collecting community. My late husband Bill and I were fortunate enough to have met them both at the Chicago show and then over the years I would see him at the Helena, Montana show. Craig was a true gentleman and always a pleasure to deal with. He amassed an amazing collection focusing largely on Great Northern & Northern Pacific relics. His dining car collection is incredibly impressive with several very rare offerings that will be showcased over the course of this and future sales. His daughter Jody was kind enough to share this photo which shows his love of music as well. I know he was a friend to so many of us and is sorely missed by everyone who knew him.

Railroad Memories is excited to be offering pieces from Frank Kidd’s impressive collection. Frank has been a client of mine for many years, and I am privileged to be asked to help find new caretakers for his extraordinary pieces. The Kidd Museum, that was in Portland, Oregon was a testament to Frank and his love of antiques, not only railroad but also included toys & banks. He has assembled over 700 padlocks as well as several extremely rare lanterns, keys, dining car china and so much more. This is one of the most superb offerings I had the pleasure of dealing with. Obviously, it will take some time to find homes for the locks, but by spreading them out I think it will give everyone an equal opportunity to obtain one or more. I urge you to look at the many online postings including videos and articles that feature Frank and his labor of love.

Ken Liess lived in Alda, Nebraska and passed away in September of this year. He too had some wonderful pieces of history in his collection, and I am honored to be asked to assist in finding new homes for these treasured items.

It has truly been an honor to write this auction catalog as the individual pieces of these collections are incredibly rare. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

With the holidays fast approaching, I wish everyone continued health and happiness.

All the best


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