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Auction 113
Auction 113 closed:
Sunday, July 10, 2022 at 10:00pm ET; 9:00pm CT; 8:00pm MT; 7:00pm PT
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Dear Friends,

Welcome to my 113th auction featuring over 500 lots of Railroadiana just waiting to be adopted. As I open this sale, I want to thank everyone for your continued patronage over the years. I have been blessed with a beautiful family, good health, and a host of dear friends. I think of my late husband, Bill, daily and I know that many of you who were fortunate enough to know him personally still find those moments when you canít help but laugh or smile at one or more of his antics. His laughter was contagious and his love of life enviable. I wanted to share a recent family photo showing my beautiful children and their families. When we lost Bill, it was just the four of us and we have happily grown to 13 with 6 gorgeous grandchildren. Four boys and two girls. I am beyond proud of all of them.
Knous family
From Left: Liam, Bill, Chrissie, Shea, Julie, Randy, Andie, Lucy, Grandma Choo Choo, Nolan, Amanda, Connor & Ryan
On a final note, if you are thinking of selling a few pieces or in need of moving your collection on to new caretakers, please keep me in mind. There is no question that to capitalize on the value of collections, Auction is the proven mode of success. How often have you inquired as to the value of items and been given several different opinions? The answer is simple: it is worth what two people are willing to pay and the best way to determine that is through auction. I consistently get strong prices, especially for quality items. My mailing list is over 2,000 members throughout the US, Canada & Europe. So, when you entrust your collection to Railroad Memories, I can reach a vast audience. My next sale is scheduled for the fall, so now is the time to inquire about what I can offer. My fees are negotiable, and I can assist with all aspects of preparation and transport. Should you have questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Happy Bidding!
It is so important to promote and contribute to these two organizations. So if you are not a member I highly encourage you to join today. Corresponding website information can be found below.

Key Lock & Lantern
Marie Brainard
35 Nordhoff Place
Englewood, NJ 07631-4810
Basic Membership $30 US
$40 International

Railroadiana Collectors Association, Incorporated
Raymond Brown
P.O. Box 451
Travelers Rest, SC. 29690
Basic Membership $42

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