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Auction 112

Auction 112 CLOSED:
Sunday, February 20, 2022 at 10:00pm ET; 9:00pm CT; 8:00pm MT; 7:00pm PT
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Dear Friends,

I am excited to be opening Railroad Memories’ 112th Auction featuring over 500 lots of quality relics in need of a new home. This hobby, or passion as so many of us refer, is a true gift. When you think about the scope of these things we get to admire, display, and enjoy these precious pieces of history that take us back to a time when things seemed slower, maybe less hectic and the world was full of pride for things we built.

For those who came before us these pieces were just tools of their trade. You wonder how many of the hard-working individuals, who took for granted the relics that we cherish today, how they would view the excitement that we all get to experience through our love of this hobby. Would you have ever expected a small brass key to sell for thousands? Or a lantern that sold for pennies to be worth over $50,000 today. Locks, badges, china, signs, advertising; the list is endless as are the many railroads that built this country.

I have been fortunate enough to handle some amazing and rare pieces over the years and have met so many wonderful people who share my passion. The one thing that brings us all together is our love of the history. So, for now let us all remember how lucky we are to be able to have something this special that we can enjoy and share.

This issue is no exception as I am excited to be able to offer some extremely rare & sought-after pieces that will become coveted additions to the new owners’ collections. Still more pieces from the Warren Scholl estate, Neil Shankweiler & Greg Pinkham as well as several others including August & Donna Riccono of Ft. Worth, Texas. I am honored that they have asked me to assist them in passing along some of the wonderful pieces that they have collected over the years. You will find many of the china and silver offerings are from their collection. I will be offering more from them in future sales.

Enjoy this issue and wishing everyone the very best in 2022.

Happy Bidding!
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