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Dear Friends,

Happy New Year and welcome to Railroad Memories 103rd Auction. This issue features more amazing relics from the Shankweiler estate with over 500 lots represented.

This past year my client list has grown to nearly 1800 members throughout the United States and including Canada & Europe. I continue to receive new registrations with each sale. I have been encouraged by the renewed interest in the railroad china market as it seemed to be slowing down for a while. There is no question that quality still commands great attention so if I can offer one word of advice to new collectors it would be focus on quality as opposed to quantity. I think lanterns still command the most attention which confirms that the majority of collectors prefer that category. However, builders’ plates, locks, keys all continue to also bring record prices for pieces from early roads.

The point I am trying to make is that this hobby is not dying. Rather it as with all collectibles ebbs and flows with the years. We are seeing younger collectors emerging and taking great interest in the hobby, so it is our duty to continue to share our knowledge and welcome these new enthusiasts with open arms. We all know we are only temporary caretakers of these historic relics so we must enjoy while we can and be willing to pass the torch to our fellow collectors knowing that they will cherish and enjoy as much as we did or still do. Finally if there is one thing we can do to protect our families in the event of our passing it is to have an inventory of your collections and make sure they have a list of people to contact.

My son Bill and his wife Chrissie welcomed their first child William Austin Knous born December 19th. Named after his grandfather, I am thrilled to proudly say I am now a grandma to three little boys. However, not to be outdone my daughter Andie and her husband Randy are expecting their first child a little girl in early March. Our wonderful family has grown and I am so proud of all of them. So, from my family to yours Happy New Year and good luck bidding.


It is so important to promote and contribute to these two organizations. So if you are not a member I highly encourage you to join today. Corresponding website information can be found below.

Key Lock & Lantern
Marie Brainard
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Englewood, NJ 07631-4810
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$40 International

Raymond Brown
P.O. Box 451
Travelers Rest, SC. 29690
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